Fix for Kodi/XBMC MCE remote

Since XBMC recently decided to change name to Kodi and I installed it to try new features,  my HP media center remote stopped working (Windows button would not start XBMC/Kodi anymore), so I’ve adjusted and recompiled “KodiLauncher\bin\Release\ehshell.exe” that you can use for Kodi (will search for kodi.exe in program files/kodi/). Link is below,  should work without a problem, at least it works for me now :)


If you wonder what to do with the file. You have to replace ehshell.exe in Windows/ehome (paste this to Windows Explorer or Start -> Run to find out where is your ehome directory: %windir%/ehome ) with file in zip attached in this post.

After doing that, if you have media center remote, pressing Windows button will NOT Windows Media Center but Kodi/XBMC.

Have fun!