Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview

As I’m still disappointed with Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1, I decided to take a look into new W10TP:

  • using/creating online account (yeah it’s 2015 and everyone requires some kind of account but still I don’t like to be forced, even Google is not forcing us to use it) so why not allow to skip it. I wanted to unplug network in virtual machine to skip this but for sake of testing decided to log in… OH NO!
  • crowded taskbar, why the hell do we want search, store and internet explorer there? I removed all unneeded things.


  • start menu is “back” but it will not go away until you click somewhere else?
    – XPS viewer on my start menu??? Really? I NEVER EVER used that.
    – Powershell? I guess that’s just for advanced users and that they will remove it later
    – Notepad/Alarms/Paint is fine with me tho Notepad and Paint could be a bit improved, they both sucks sometimes. We are not asking for Notepad++ or Photoshop/GIMP, but it would be nice if we could do most of things with basic Windows tools, otherwise, just remove them and give us choice to download what we like.
    – Stock/Sports – I’m really not into this at all, can we pick what we want, don’t put shit there just to fill it with something
    – Uninstalling store app first disabled/removed my Start menu completely, how convenient!!!! But I guess that was a bug since it happened only once.


  • Search is taking at least 30% of taskbar but it seems it’s not usable at all, well I NEVER used Windows search so I’ll remove it anyway.


  • Touch keyboard is nice feature, but I don’t need it here, just takes my precious space -> removed.
  • I have ADSL Internet connection so please stop forcing me to use Onedrive it’s useless for me. I want to sync my files at 03:00 or 04:00 when nobody is using Internet in my house, since there is no option to set up things like that I disabled this. I use Dropbox portable anyway.


  • Notifications, I really do not understand why they decided to hide important notifications, it really dos not help as most of users are confused and call me that they lost it, and they don’t see it etc. Every single time I sit in front of someone’s PC this is the first thing I turn ON: Always show all notifications. Saves me big time troubleshooting.


  • System notifications: I never found good use of Action Center/Security Center so I always disable this.


  • Task Manager shows nothing, how useful :)))) And clicking more info throws you shitload of options, that’s good for IT’s like me but it would be useful if user could read some basic CPU/memory info without licking More info. This is useful as Network icon in taskbar. It’s easier to say to user to go: Start -> run, write down cmd, then write ipconfig so he can read IP address.



  • default Control panel view is still Category. I will never get used to this as I have to click more to get what I need. Small icons is the best thing and is easy to tell people open Control panel, then open “Network and Sharing Center” because if I tell them to open Network and Internet they will likely click “View network status and tasks” or “Choose homegroup and sharing options” and this will lead to waste of time for me and them.


Ok, now let’s see how can we tweak this to see if I can strip down stuff that most of users never use anyway:

  • Defender -> turned off (never did find good use of any antivirus software)
  • Firewall -> turned off (I have Mikrotik router/firewall) so why waste PC resources
  • Security and Maintenance -> all turned off
  • Remove featurers from “Programs and Features”:
    – Edge CP model (I don’t need help)
    – Internet Explorer (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari…)
    – Media Features ( MPC HC and Kodi is way better)
    – Language Components
    – Print and Document Services (never used Internet printing and Fax)
    – RDC API as I use VNC/putty to access Windows/Linux machines
    – Work Folders Client (no server to test this…)
    – XPS (useless for me)


  • System protection (no use as I do regular images backup to network drive/server)


What I liked:

  • better service optimization -> less resources needed

… to be continued as no time right now ;P